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6 Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik | Glorious Moments Photography

If you followed me on Instagram, you probably know that I am obsessed with Italy. I’ve set my eyes on visiting Italy for the last few years. It’d be a dream to visit Tuscany, Lake Como, and the coastal part of Italy. ANDD. It almost happened! We started looking into it at the beginning of 2020. Finally! My dream trip to Italy will come true.

Spoiler alert: 2020 happened. So, my trip to Italy didn’t happen. Thanks to Covid-19, we were all forced to stay at home and quarantine.

Things opened up a little bit in The U.S. in the fall of 2020 so, we went to Aspen during Thanksgiving. It’s a fun city to visit during Thanksgiving since there was not many people. We didn't know that Croatia was technically opened that time. If we knew, we probably would choose Croatia instead of Aspen. Don't get me wrong, Aspen was a fun experience, too.

Fast forward a few months later.. We welcomed 2021 with so much hope and excitement, hoping that it will be the end of Covid and the beginning of traveling the world again.

Covid still happens, but at this time, many are hopeful, vaccinated, and ready to continue on with their lives.

So, one time at a wedding, somebody told us that they’re going to Croatia for their honeymoon. And I was thinking, “Hmmm. That’s where they filmed Game of Thrones, right? It looked beautiful on Game of Thrones. And it is our 5th year of marriage. Maybe it’ll be fun to be somewhere exotic. Let’s look it up!”

On the way home, I was already looking up Croatia on Instagram and Google images. Wow, the place looks unreal! The water is literally aqua blue, the food looks delicious, and they have wineries. What can be better than that? We did more research and found out that Croatia is open for tourist. YES. Next thing you know, we booked our flight tickets and have applied for Croatian visa.

This is actually happening! I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Is it really okay to travel? Will I get my visa?

The visa is another story for another day. But, y’all! We’re actually going to Croatia.

I was so happy my heart could burst into little pieces!


Remember we barely did any research and booked the ticket without really thinking? Well, that is why we ended up staying just in one place. We stayed in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is known for the old town, where most Game of Thrones scenes were filmed.

Why did we stay only Dubrovnik, instead of other cities?

  1. Well, we already booked our tickets to Dubrovnik :) I don't think this should be the whole the reason why you should go to Dubrovnik, but the nice thing about Dubrovnik is that you can fly direct from New York via JFK (Delta) or Newark (United) .

  2. We actually were thinking of going to Split, too, but for us to drive to Split, we have to pass Bosnia, and I would need a multi entry visa for that. Istria was on top of the list, too, because they’re known for their truffle. But, it is very far from Dubrovnik and we didn’t think it would be enough time.

  3. Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik.

  4. So many great restaurants we are interested in going is in Dubrovnik.

  5. It has everything we need! Our goal was to enjoy our vacation, take our time, not be rushed, and really get to know one place instead of moving from city to city every other day. Dubrovnik has everything you need. You have the beach, the night life, the fancy restaurants, the casual restaurants, the city life, and the secluded hike.

  6. A lot of travel blogs I follow on Instagram said that Dubrovnik is perfect for honeymooners, so… Hello honeymoonversaries! And every time we go on vacation, it's pretty much a honeymoon, right?

Obviously, if you have more time, let's say you're going for at least 10 days, then you should go visit the other cities. There are amazing places in Croatia like Split, Istria, and Zagreb. Wait for our Croatia itinerary in our next blog. Stay tuned!


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