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Beauty in The Middle of The Storm | Matt & Madison | Glorious Moments Photography

Matthew and Madison. Wow. Just wow. Their wedding day is wow. The people, the atmosphere, the decorations, the flowers, the dress, the suit, and even the rain was unbelievably beautiful! If you were there, like me, you can feel literally that love is in the air!

Their wedding was held in Madison's parents' beautiful mansion in Senoia, South Georgia. It's about an hour from Atlanta, GA. During my drive to there, I saw that the dark cloud was moving to the other direction and I said thank God! But God, had another plan! We started the day with their beautiful details. From Casablanca Bridal Veil, Verde Studio Vintage Stamps, something blue shoes, and beautiful arrangement by Anik Flowers, these details are all a bride and groom can ask for! One of the most unique ideas I saw there was the bridesmaids carried lanterns instead of flower bouquet when they walked down the aisle! The lanterns are the symbol that they will illuminate this world, because they are the light of the world :)

Madison and Matt met through a mutual friend when Madison decided to pursue a degree with Dallas Theological Seminary. Who thought that when you pursue God and a degree, God gave you a bonus? Yes, God gave them each other! Since then, their love for each other grew, and finally Matt got down on one knee and asked Madison to marry him!

Madison is a super duper talented designer. She actually re-branded my website! And when she first asked me to photograph her wedding, I honestly was shocked and flattered. I never thought someone as good as her would ask me to photograph the most important day on her life! And I know... Her wedding would be so beautiful because of her talents!

Matt and Madison was surrounded by the people that they love the most. Family and friends comes together to help them decorate their wedding, bake their wedding cake, and make the wedding day happen! Everybody just full of joy and poured their love to this beautiful couple's wedding day.

During the getting ready, Madison and Matt exchanged wedding gifts. Madison gave him her journal, where she poured her heart out since the day they met. Matt gave her a beautiful necklace that was so special to his family. After a few discussions during the wedding planning, they decided to do a "first-touch" instead of a "first-look". It was really sweet. They prayed together. And there was tears! So sweet! I can't help to shed a tear, too!

So, the plan was to have everything done outside. From the ceremony to the reception should be done outside. We prayed hard for no rain. The guests started coming and the weather channel that it would rain in the next 30 minutes. So, we had the ceremony early to avoid rain during the ceremony.

The parents, grandparents, pastor and the groom started walk down the aisle, then the rest of the bridal party walked in. Next, here comes the bride. It started to sprinkle a little bit when Madison and her dad walked down the aisle, and a few minutes after her dad gave her away, it poured hard (Yes, typical Georgia weather). Everybody hid under the tent. Now, this is another favorite moments from their wedding... They was not mad about the rain. They enjoyed it! Even during the reveal session, Madison told me that she was happy to see and meet every one who attended and would witnessed them become one before the ceremony started! Aww :)

One of Matt's favorite moment was to see Madison walked down the aisle, it was something he can never forget. He couldn't hold his tears. It was priceless.

Thankfully, after quiet some time, the rain stopped, and the ceremony resume. It went beautifully. The wedding was perfect. I mean, if you can be happy about rain on your wedding day, you can be happy about your marriage forever, right? But, guess what?? The rain actually makes everything better, especially the lighting :)

And after the ceremony, all they had was FUN. Matt told me that at first, he didn't like the idea of a wedding, but he actually had so much fun during the wedding because he felt so loved. Everybody literally poured their love to him and Madison's wedding day.

Madison and Matthew also loved their time away from the guests. When we did our golden hour portraits, they walked away from the crowd and spent time with each other. They loved seeing all of their family and friends from far away. That moment reminds them how loved they are.

Madison and Matt also want me to advise you, engaged couple, to remember what matters most during the wedding day. Some things will go wrong, your wedding day might not go the way you wanted it, but, the most important thing is that at the end of the day, you will become husband and wife. And that... that is the most glorious day of your life!

After Matt + Madison's first dance as husband and wife, it was time for Mother-Daughter dance. This was probably one of the sweetest dance I've ever seen. Madison wrote a song for this dance and asked her friend to sing it.

One of the lyrics that really touched my heart was "I know Dad would so proud of you..." (Madison's dad went to heaven when she was younger.) I'm not crying, YOU ARE!

Matt's family is also super talented. His dad played a trumpet during Mother-Son dance :) And looked at Matt's mom' smile! Such a beautiful smile :)

SOOO... Mr. and Mrs. Ehlen, thank you so much for trusting Glorious Moments Photography to capture your wedding day! You both deserve each other and you both are inspirational! The way you love Jesus reflects on how you live! Can't wait to see what the future has for you! Cheers!

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Glorious Moments Photography is a husband (Justin) and wife (Glori) wedding photography team based in Atlanta, Georgia that loves to encourage sacred marriage to their couples. We travel all around the world, where ever love leads us to. Follow our adventures on Instagram!

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