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Embracing Covid-19 Weddings | How to navigate wedding planning in the midst of global pandemic.

As a destination wedding photographer and a person that LOVES weddings + relationships, I've been personally affected by Rona aka Covid-19 aka Corona virus. I think it's safe to say that most of us that live in planet earth has been affected by this global pandemic. Some were affected much, some were slightly affected. And now that the number of cases in the US is rising again, it creates more fear and frustration to a lot of us.

Nobody saw what's coming in 2020, so we are trying so hard to be as flexible as we can be with all of our couples. We have rescheduled a lot of our 2020 weddings and our hearts break for all of our couples. Some destination dreams were shattered, some out of town family can't make it, and some weddings are postponed.

I was once a bride and I can't imagine planning a wedding in the midst of corona virus. Seriously, our couples are the best. They have been so strong, loving, compassionate, and patience in the middle of this pandemic. I have even seen some couples that were more concern about my business than their own wedding. Wow. I'm speechless. So grateful for each one of them!

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With corona virus still around and the uncertainty is real, I want to share how to embrace covid-19 weddings and how to navigate wedding planning in the midst of global pandemic.

  1. It's okay to mourn & to be frustrated. Sometimes the hardest part of it all is to accept that yes, some part of your dreams will be shattered. Your ideas of a wedding day may not achieve-able right now. So, it's okay to cry, scream, and mourn. But, not too long, baby, 'cause you gotta marry the man/woman of your dreams! But, if you feel too overwhelmed about everything that's going on, talk to someone. Call a friend or your fave person or even a professional if you need it. Your health is definitely a priority!

  2. Remember your why and what's important to you both. Why did you both decide to get married in the first place? Remember that nothing can come between the strong love you have for each other. And after that, remember that what's important to you both.

  3. Take the opportunity to evolve, be grateful, & love more. "If you choose to evolve, you will connect with the strength within you, you will explore what lies outside the comfort zone, you will always awaken to love, you will become, you will be." -Creig Crippen Think about this situation as an opportunity. I believe that all things work for our good. So maybe think about the goods that might come out of this situation. I believe that if there is one good thing that's true in the midst of corona virus, your love for each other will grow stronger and that you will appreciate each other a little more. And MAYBE, maybe you'll have more opportunity to splurge on custom wedding details or entertainment since you have shorter guests list. I personally enjoyed this time because Justin gets to work from home :) Do I want to shoot more weddings? Yes, but I try to see the positive in this situation. I am grateful that both of us are healthy. I am grateful that we get to spend more time with each other.

  4. Be gracious to others, but most importantly to yourself. I think the hardest thing about a corona wedding is that some of the people you love most will not be there. Either they don't feel safe to travel, they have underlying conditions, or they have other reasons, know these are not on you. These days, we need extra grace for ourselves, and also extra grace to give to others. Vendors, guests, bridal party, and everybody in the wedding are also dealing with the virus. And everyone is handling it differently. So, be gracious to each other. And ultimately, give lot and lost of grace to yourself. You've worked so hard to make your dream weddings come true, you have to make really hard decisions, so you deserve love and extra grace right now.

  5. Try to be flexible and a few technical tips while planning your wedding in the midst of corona virus. If there is one thing that 2020 is teaching me is that BE FLEXIBLE. You can make all the plans you want but who knows what the future brings. When change comes, go along with it. And here are a few things that hopefully will help you navigate wedding planning in the midst of global pandemic:

  • Maybe you have planned your big wedding, instead, downsize for a micro/intimate wedding and invite your guests to a big zoom party. Fewer guests = more intimacy. Check out this article provided by Like The Dazzling event planner and see what is so special about an intimate wedding.

  • Know that you deserve 2 (or more) wedding celebrations! Get married this year and celebrate again next year. I believe that all my 2020 couples have gone through so much and that they deserve celebration for all the things they have to endure this year :)

  • Say I do in the great outdoors! You and your guests will feel more safe in the midst of corona virus when your wedding is outdoor (including the reception).

  • Take the necessary pre-cautions. Take the temperature check when the guests arrive, re-imagine floor plans, sit less people in one table and be creative with it, think about safe food handling, provide masks, and provide hand sanitizer in every corner. Check out with your wedding planner and venue for more necessary pre-cautions.

  • When postponing your wedding, think about a weekday celebration. Because of Corona, our 2021 weekend dates are filling up quicker than usual, so try to be flexible and see a weekday schedule.

  • If you don't have one, hire a wedding planner. I am a champion for wedding planner for your wedding day when it's not pandemic time. You need them to fully enjoy your wedding day. You need a wedding planner more than ever now where there are so many details that need to be thought of.


I hope these tips help you navigate wedding planning in the midst of global pandemic aka covid-19. And know this... you and your fiancé will make the right decision because you know what's best! Enjoy the journey! You got this!

And at the end, we know that your love will be stronger for each other! Also remember, we're here for you! Let us know how we can help by messaging us here.

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