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Hanna + Mike | Piedmont Park Engagement Session Atlanta | Glorious Moments Photography

Hanna and Mike.. They're literal #couplegoals. Before we share more of their Piedmont Park engagement session, I want to share their beautiful story. The way they're looking at each other, being goofy with each other, and the way they hold hands... Ah! So dreamy!

They met in college through a ministry at UGA and it was not a "smooth" ride for them both. Mike had a crush on her and tried to pursue her. They went on a dinner one time and it didn't go well.

But, Mike tried again and kept pursuing her. She kept saying no until one day, Mike asked her to go to an Atlanta United game. She couldn't resist going to the game and they finally went out for the second time.

Since then, they've been inseparable and tomorrow is the day they're going to tie the knot! YAY!!

Moral of the story: Don't give up, y'all!

For their engagement session, they wanted something that has a lot of trees, nature, and a lot of space to roam around. So, we decided to do their engagement session at Piedmont Park.

Their Piedmont Park engagement session started in the area where you can see the Atlanta skyline and it has some pretty hills. After that we walked towards the pond, and then we end it with fun shoots with a scooter near the soccer field. Love it so much when our couple show their personalities!

This Piedmont Park engagement session is definitely one for the books! And I know their wedding will be amazing, too! I know we had to wait a little to celebrate your wedding thanks to Covid, but LOVE PREVAILS. Woohoo! Can't wait to celebrate you both tomorrow, Hanna + Mike!

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