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Julia + Russell | Whittier Mill Park Engagement Session | Marietta Engagement Session

Russell + Julia met in high school and they fell in love. Years later, Russell asked Julia to marry her in a very special place, their new home. AND SHE SAID YES!! There's nothing better than marrying your best friend! And you're about to be blown away by their beautiful engagement photos.

Julia + Russell's engagement session have been a long time coming. Due to the pandemic, we had to reschedule a few times, but we finally made it. YAY! And it was more than what we imagined.

When we were planning for their engagement session, we were thinking about a few places. They really like the brick look (and their wedding venue will have a nice brick wall backdrop, too!) and we were thinking of doing their engagement session at Westside Provisions. During the planning process, we learned that they both prefer to do something in a more private location.

So, after much research, we found the perfect place for it: Whittier Mill Park. Whittier Mill Park has the perfect brick look and also beautiful open field area which are perfect for their Marietta engagement session. These backdrop will match with their brick backdrop at their wedding venue.

I love it so much when my couple read the guide that I spent so much time creating. When I asked them what did they do before their Whittier Mill Park engagement session, they said," We tried to relax and enjoy each other like you suggested on the guide." AHH! That makes me so happy! When you do that, it really does show on your final result.

Also, it didn't hurt that the light was perfect that day and it was also not too hot. Such a beautiful day to capture their love story!

We started the session with their cute fur baby, Scout. After a few shots, we let Scout went with Julia + Russell's friends. They're so generous by taking care of Scout when we focus more on Julia + Russell.

As we strolled around the park and capturing their story, I can't help but being excited again to capturing love story again after a long break, thanks to Rona. It truly is a pleasure to do their Whittier Mill Park engagement session. You can truly see their love for each other. So inspiring!

Since we started the shoot with Scout, we gotta end it with Scout's big smile. Look at her big smile! How cute? If you ask me, yes, bring your pups to the shoot!

Thank you, Julia + Russell for being amazing! I know we have to wait a little longer to celebrate your wedding day, but the wait will be worth it. And when it's time, we're gonna celebrate you both twice (or more) as much! Looking forward to your wedding day next year.

If you're getting married and wants your story to be captured, let's chat!

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