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Michele + Eric | Krog St. Market Engagement Session | Glorious Moments Photography

Michele and Eric met at their workplace, Publix, back in 2007. They didn't date then. But fate brought them together in 2015 when they got to reconnect. They started dating then and she said yes in September 2018! And the rest is history....

When we first talking about their engagement session, we started thinking about their love for food, the lake, and adventure... So, they decided to do their Krog St. Market Engagement Session. I know.. There's no lake for their Krog St. Market Engagement Session, but.. the food.. the adventure.. It's there!

They're such a fun couple to be around with because the way they look at each other and the way they talk to each other just give you so much hope that happily ever after exists.

We started right behind Krog Street Market and we ended at Krog St. Market eating Gu's Dumplings. Ha! The best time! And oh.. For their Krog St. Market Engagement Session, she wore such a cute dress! Love the navy fabric with blush pattern. So so cute!

Michelle + Eric, we are so excited to celebrate their wedding soon! And can't wait for many dumpling adventures with you both!


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