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Modern Map Art - The perfect gift to celebrate a time and a place that meant so much to you.

We celebrated our 2 years of marriage back in May. We didn't do anything extravagant for that day because we have a New York and Asia trip coming up. But, I don't want to let that day goes without doing something special for Justin. So, without him knowing, a few weeks before I went for my Europe trip, I ordered this gift from Modern Map Art and sent it to his office. It was a star map on our wedding day. May 14, 2016. And the map came a few days before I left for my trip. He was so excited.

He called me in the middle of the day and told me that he has received the surprise I got him! So, when he got home, we opened it together and we were ecstatic!! It was wrapped beautifully inside of a white tube and when we pulled it out, man, we were so happy about the quality. It was a really high quality paper and complemented by a nice ink. The contrast is perfect because we can see all the stars. It brought back a lot of happy memories from our wedding day. It was more beautiful than what I imagined! 

Too bad, I had to leave for my trip before I got a chance to hang it on the wall or even  find the right frame for this gem. I went on my trip, and almost forgot about this map until one day when Justin sent me a photo of the map framed! HOA. That photo made my day! Yes, he is the best husband ever!

Not only that, when we got home, turned out Justin already hang it on our dining room. My heart was full. I tried to surprise him, but he surprised me indeed! Thank you my love. 

So, if you are looking for a gift that is meaningful to you and your loved one, look no further! Remember and revoke those beautiful memories that you had with the perfect gift!


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