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Tara + Josh | A Chic Country Engagement Session at North Georgia Farm | Glorious Moments Photography

If there is anything that I can learn from Tara and Josh is that love is strong. Love is saying yes no matter what kind of storm comes your way. Love is going to win no matter what kind of trials is upon us. Their love for each other has been tested over fire and there's no turning back, no more wasting time on earth without being together. Love wins.

Tara and Josh met through their mutual friends. Was it love at first sight? Maybe :) They've been dating for a little over 5 years. As I mentioned above, their love for each other is strong! They told me that they've been through a lot of hardships in the past few years together. From broken ankle, car wreck, and other difficult situation, they went through it all, and they came back stronger together. After their last hardships of Josh almost loosing his memory, Josh was thinking that he didn't wanna spend any more days without Tara. So, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife!


Josh and Tara are very close to their family. To them, family is everything. They have this bond with their family that I've never seen in my life. It's so awesome! Josh's family owned a private farm in North Georgia. It's a family farm that holds a lot of memories for them. That's why they wanted to do a chic, country engagement session at their farm in North Georgia.

Their North Georgia Farm is perfect or their engagement session. Not only it has a lot of fields, but their private farm also holds a lot memories for them. They showed us the house that they grew up in, an old church, and a working barn.

At the end of the chic country engagement session they have at their farm, they invited us to come meet his grandpa that was inside the farm. He started telling us the history of the house and showing us photos from his younger days. It was such a sweet moment!

After that, I noticed something in his wall, it was a sign from Josh. So, I asked Josh what it was. Turned out, he had asked him to be his BEST MAN. OMG. How sweet is that!! Instantly, I was like.. we should photograph this!! Such a perfect occasion to end the engagement session.

Where would you want to do your engagement session? Is there a place that holds so much memory to both of you? Or maybe you're adventurous and wanna fly somewhere? Let us know! Comment below!

Do you want an chic engagement session that is as beautiful as this? Let's chat now!

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