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Top 5 Things to do in Atlanta for Valentines Day | Glorious Moments Photography

Valentine's Day is around the corner. I feel like the year just started, yet Valentine's Day is here! As a hopeless romantic that loves to invest in marriage, I'd love to invite you to express your love to your lover.

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Valentine's Day is a day when lovers express their affection with greetings and gift according to Brittanica. I am not 100% agree with that. I think Valentine's Day is a special day to make sure the people you love feel loved by you. Maybe it is your lover, your parents, your friends, your kids, your pets, or your neighbors.

Today, as a wedding photographer, I'm going to talk about planning the perfect Valentine's Day in Atlanta with your lover, and that person maybe your fiancé. If this is your last Valentine's Day as an engaged couple, you should make it super duper special.

So, here we go: the 10 Things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's Day. Before we go there, I just want to let you know that a lot of these photos were taken by my iPhone.

Spend a day (or a few days) at Barnsley Resort.

Located in Adairsville, GA, Barnsley resort is one of Georgia's hidden gem. Barnsley Resort is only about an hour and 15 minutes from Atlanta. They have such a beautiful and relaxing view, awesome activities (like golf, spa, horseback riding) delicious restaurants, and they even have cute rooms to stay. If you are planning to take your lover away for the Valentines Day weekend or just for a day, this is the perfect short trip. Barnsley Resort is also one of the most romantic and beautiful Georgia wedding venues, that means it will spoil your Valentine's date. You can start a day with a stroll down the fountain with your lover, do one outdoor activity together, and end the day with the delicious dinner. It will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

fountain at barnsley resort

This English inspired garden is so beautiful and peaceful, isn't it? That is why I think visiting Barnsley Resort is the top 5 things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's Day.

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

Have a romantic dinner at ByGeorge at The Candler Hotel.

When I think about things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's Day, I think about delicious and romantic restaurants naturally because I'm a foodie. Do you know about this new hotel in Downtown Atlanta called The Candler Hotel? It's so beautiful. You'd appreciate the design. Imagine a building full of marble with a grand staircase. That's The Candler Hotel. Beside the beautiful interior, they also have a restaurant by Hugh Acheson, a restaurateur that is a part of Empire State South and Spiller Park Coffee.

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

A friend and I went to ByGeorge one time for cocktails and dessert. It's so delicious. I wish I would've stayed for dinner and try their elegant, french-inspired cuisine. But, you could try this out this Valentine's Day in downtown Atlanta. It is a pretty romantic place. Order their French 75 before dinner to start your date night right :)

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

Be adventurous and try Indonesian cuisine at Win Gastrobar.

As a proud Indonesian, I am an advocate of my country's culture and traditions. In the past years I've lived in Atlanta, there were a few Indonesian restaurants and it has gone downhill. Not only the place was a little dark, but it the food was not as good. So, when I heard that Win Gastrobar is opening, I was excited to finally have an Indonesian restaurant that is a good representative of Indonesian food. If you are an adventurous person, give Win Gastrobar a try this Valentine's Day. Their menu changes depending on the season, so make sure to check their website before you go visit.

indonesian food at win gastro bar

indonesian food at win gastro bar

indonesian food at win gastro bar

Enjoy French Cuisine at AIX.

Besides noodle, I think I'm obsessed with European food, especially French & Italian cuisine. Justin surprised me on Valentine's Day last year. I thought we would eat at home and watch some movies, but instead he took me to AIX. Wow, I was blown away.

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

Serving French cuisine, last year AIX had a special Valentine's Day menu. Justin and I love food so much, so we both ordered different drinks and food so that we can try everything they got on their menu. From the appetizer, entree, atmosphere, and drinks, everything was delicious. Just to be honest with you, one of my foods came cold last time. I told them and they brought me out the new dish in around 20 minutes. I wish that would've went differently, but I think that nothing's perfect and they're human, too. So the delicious food + romantic atmosphere made up for it!

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

lamb chop at aix so good things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

things to do in atlanta for valentines day.

atlanta wedding photographer light and airy

A lot of people think that it is a touristy place, but I think that looking and admiring flowers and plants will never loose the wonder. It is a great things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's day because it's free. What? Yes, they're offering free admission in honor of Anne Cox Chambers. Check out the link here. Atlanta Botanical Garden offers free admission from February 12 until February 16. It's a romantic spot to hangout before you go to dinner.

things to do in atlanta for valentines day

For you orchid lovers, this time of year is the perfect time to visit Atlanta Botanical Garden and enjoy their beautiful Orchid displays. Atlanta Botanical is one of the most beautiful place in Atlanta to propose to someone :) or to get married even! You know it's going to be a romantic place either way.

Hope these ideas of things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's Day help you make the most memorable Valentine's Day ever! Have different ideas for things to do in Atlanta for Valentine's Day? Let us know at

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