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We just got an upgrade! (Hint: Dubsado)

When I started Glorious Moments, I thought I do not need a client management system. I said to myself that I can make my own system and it will be fine. I mean, why can't I create everything in google doc? I have a college degree....

WRONG. I was wrong. Creating a lead capture on the website, then having to copy paste it to a google doc, then email, questionnaire, proposal, and invoicing were not easy. I used to struggle everyday trying to find client's address, payment schedules, and designing proposal. And not only that, it was hard on my clients, too (sorry past clients!).

Finally, after I got busy enough in my business and the desire to improve (and grow) my business + client experience, I realized that I need a system. Not just any kind of system, but a system that can automate everything for me so that I can spend more time investing in my clients and nurture my business. And also, a system that will make my clients' life so much easier. Thankfully, I found Dubsado.

So, why Dubsado? There are so many other systems!

Unlimited Trial

Seriously, this is life changing. A lot of other system does not let you try it for free forever. Other client management system will allow you 7-14 days maybe, but not forever. So, you can use this to your advantage. You can make sure you build a workflow for you before you start paying. How awesome is that? Try it for free right now!


Once you set up the trigger, they do everything for you automatically. Now you don't have to do this on paper anymore. It saves me so much time!

Online Proposal

This will make your life and your client's life so much easier. I used to send PDF to my clients and asked them to sign it on Adobe Acrobat and then send it back to me for our agreement (how lame?). Now, I don't have to. Once they receive the proposal, they can just select the collection they need, sign the agreement online, and take care of the deposit online. SO EASY for both ends.

AWESOME Customer Service

I will say that I am not tech savvy at all. So, when I first tried Dubsado, I was overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start. Thankfully, Dubsado has written blogs and created videos for people like me :) Not only that, every time I have a question, I can just hit the chat button and they will reply in a few hours! Sometimes in a few minutes. SO AWESOME.

I can go on and on and on on this. But, that's it for today. Feel free to email me if you have any question! But for now, GO TRY IT FOR FREE. SERIOUSLY. Love ya!


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