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Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wish You'd Do.

Next month, Glorious Moments Photography Limited Co. will turn 1! WHAT. YES. ONE YEAR. I, personally have more than 1 year of experience because I have been shooting since college, but last year I took the leap of faith and pursue photography full-time (Read my story here!). And I want to do everything right in the beginning, so, in December 2013, I registered my business in the States of Georgia. Then, Glorious Moments Photography was officially reborn.

how to thank your atlanta wedding photographer after an outstanding experience

This past year has been the most rewarding experience in my life. Capturing moments from wedding as Atlanta wedding photographer + Destination wedding photographer, engagement session, portrait, and even foodtography have been such a joy. And it makes my heart even happier when a lot of my past couples often asked me when I hand them their full gallery, "We really love the photographs, we really love how you guys make us feel, and we just love you guys. How do we help? How do we say thank you?"

Let me remind you that this post does not require you to do these things for me personally. BUT, if you want to thank your wedding photographers/your wedding vendors, these are a few tips.

photographers photographing each other wedding photographer atlanta

So, here's a few secrets that your wedding photographer secretly wish you'd do to appreciate them:

  • Book them. If you haven't, book your favorite wedding photographer. It's no secret that most photographers LOVE to photograph, that's why they do it, right? For me, nothing is more honorable than when you book me. You gotta ask Justin, every time someone book Glorious Moments, I would do my little dance and celebrate that night with a glass of Rose or a scoop of ice cream. As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I know that there are so many other photographers that are talented. So, when you book Glorious Moments, I don't take that responsibility + trust lightly. The moment you said yes to Glorious Moments, I celebrate, plan, and pray for you.

  • Change your profile photo. Use one of your favorite images from the wedding gallery for your new social media profile photos.

  • Gift them an appreciation gift. Who doesn't love a gift or an old school snail mail? It could be a hand-lettered thank you card, appreciation tips, Rose Gold stuffs, a welcome package on your wedding day, or even a Facebook post that mentioned how grateful you are. At the beginning of the year, I had a couple that got married a this beautiful historic house in Asheville. The day we arrive, the bride's dad asked us if we plan to tour the house, and we said no. He looked shock because he said it's the most beautiful thing ever. Then, he gifted us 2 tickets to go tour the house. I ALMOST CRIED. It was the sweetest thing and I will never forget that moment. Besides, giving gift-giving will make you happy!

  • Refer their business to someone you care about. When you experienced such a great experience with your wedding photographer/wedding vendor, you want your friends and family to experience it too, right? When your friends/family are planning a wedding, the might not know where to start. Show your friends and family that you care by referring them to your favorite wedding photographer/wedding vendor. They would thank YOU.

  • Print your photos and display it on your home. One of the best ways to make your house a home is to display your photographs everywhere. By displaying your wedding images, you will be able to remember those glorious moments every time you pass that wall art. Once you display it on your home, take a photo of that wall and send it to your wedding photographer. They would be SO HAPPY because you turn your favorite photographs to be one of your wall arts.

  • Give them a 10 stars review because 5 is not enough! Reviews are important to any kind of businesses in the world we live in today, especially small businesses. Before you go to a restaurant, you check their review, right? Same thing with wedding photographers. Engaged couples read reviews before they even contact that wedding photographer. Rave about your wedding photographer online to let other couple know that you had the best time with them! Your wedding photographer gain a little more trust by each review. Look at some amazing review samples below.

  • When you don't put a filter on your final images. THIS. Each photograph that your wedding photographer deliver to you was carefully chosen and edited to create the most beautiful images. So, when you post and print it as is (instead of putting an Instagram filter), you show your wedding photographer that you love the art they created.

  • Credit them properly. The last but not least is, credit your wedding photographer/wedding vendor when you can. Tag each photo to their business account so your followers and friends will know who was the photographer behind your beautiful images.

There it is. I've told you those secrets that wedding photographers/wedding vendors wish you'd do to appreciate them after they deliver their services/products. What would you add? What makes you feel appreciated? Tell us below!!

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